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Eric Miles Brown

Eric Miles Brown is a jewelry designer with a rustic, roots-in-the-earth approach to his designs. He needed a brand that would establish him in luxury markets and also work as a trademark, something he could stamp on his jewelry. Eric ...

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Life Community

Life Community Church is a young church in Columbia, IL, needing their first website. They already had a logo concept from another designer (the circle), but were not settled on the typography the other designer had chosen. After ...

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Harbor Lights

Harbor Lights is a church in Grand Island, NY, and they came to me with no logo and a bad taste in their mouths from their previous web design company. We discussed their values, and how they wanted ...

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The Rochester AudioVisual Association is the oldest AV association in the United States, started in 1956. They badly needed an update of both their branding and their web presence, and that is exactly what they received. As you can ...

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Vista Teach

Vista Teach Instructional Services offers classes teaching children robotics. I know... Interesting occupation! They needed a website and after an initial consultation agreed that it was an ideal time to update their brand. The project involved designing several branding elements: The company's ...

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Ultimate Impact Academy thumbnail image

Ultimate Impact Academy

Ultimate Impact Academy is a venture helping teachers learn better teaching practices, especially in relation to keeping the attention of students and giving them a hunger to learn. Jason Stuber, the founder, contacted me to develop the ...

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Kings Kids Village thumbnail image

Kings Kids Village

Kings Kids Village is an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. They have an incredible story and just happened to be directed by my very own flesh and blood: my parents are the directors and my grandparents the founders. They ...

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Mosaic Church thumbnail image

Mosaic Church

Mosaic is a church in Rochester, NY. They were looking to invest in a quality website and develop a better brand. [Disclosure: Peter was a member of Mosaic during this project, though Peter was professionally contracted by Mosaic.] I started ...

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Elim Bible Institute thumbnail image

Elim Bible Institute

Elim Bible Institute is a ministry training school in Western New York. Elim needed help creating a strategy for using the social web for recruiting and reaching out to alumni.  I had the privilege of guiding ...

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The Postmoderner thumbnail image

The Postmoderner

The Postmoderner is my personal blog, sub-titled "Peter Stern notices the world and writes".  The Postmoderner is a writing exercise.  Plain.  Simple.  Thoughts on a page about life. From a design standpoint, I wanted this blog to feel very clean and ...

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Wordfresh thumbnail image


Wordfresh is a small design and consulting company I started in 2009, helping small to mid-size organizations grow using free and open source tools. The brand idea draws from two things.  First, it is intentionally close to "WordPress", which in ...

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Envision Productions

Envision Productions is a video production company in Rochester, NY.  They had an old website that was completely HTML driven and the brand was split into three different companies, based on three different categories of clients.  In this case, ...

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The Ethan Awards thumbnail image

The Ethan Awards

The Ethan Awards is an award ceremony that celebrates the entrepreneurial efforts of authors.  They needed a website that promoted the main event in Las Vegas for this years ceremonies, but also wanted a way to get the nominated ...

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The Crunchy Family thumbnail image

The Crunchy Family

Crunchy: used to describe persons who have adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons. The Crunchy Family is a blog about crunchy parenting, ranging from food to birthing options.  The blog's owner, Cailin Davis, approached me with the ...

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Hollomans thumbnail image


Hollomans is a group of education and daycare centers in Southeast Virginia, operating 4 facilities that serve over 800 children from Kindergarten through 6th Grade. The primary need was an overhauled brand image and a new website.  The soldier was ...

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Rhythm Connect thumbnail image

Rhythm Connect

Rhythm Connect is a store in Fairport, NY that offers interactive zones, group drumming, arts-in-education programs, and community events. They needed a new website that integrated better with the social web.  They also needed some re-branding... they brand did not ...

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Larry Sternlieb thumbnail image

Larry Sternlieb

Larry Sternlieb has provided sales training for some of America's top companies and is the author of Selling in the Real World. Larry had a website designed by another web design agency but needed a blog implemented into it, along ...

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Freedom Financial thumbnail image

Freedom Financial

Freedom Financial is an independent financial consultation group that guides people toward better financial futures. When we started our project, they were just getting started and needed the works: branding, web design, and integration with social media....

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FAD thumbnail image


FAD stands for Friends for African Development and works with African villages in need of long-term water and education solutions. Their vision for their brand was something that was obviously African but also that spoke of the tribes they are ...

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Morgan James Publishing thumbnail image

Morgan James Publishing

They needed a refresh of their brand, website, and digital strategy.

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Peter J Stern

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